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As the economy marches toward recovery, the skylines of Miami, New York, London and other high-growth markets have become increasingly saturated with cranes building luxury residential towers.

With so many properties boasting similarly impressive amenities—floor-to-ceiling windows, Italian tile, marble countertops, designer swimming pools—how can developers, owners and management teams differentiate their properties in the minds of prospects and residents?

As veterans of the hospitality industry can tell you, “luxury experience” goes beyond amenities. Luxury experience is about providing just the right amount of service at just the right time, delivered in just the right way. The marketing adage to “go to where your customer is” is more relevant than ever. Nearly two-thirds of US adults have a smartphone, and the number is significantly higher among high-income urban dwellers. It’s up to your brand to have a presence there.

Branded mobile luxury property apps can have a big impact on resident life and can even streamline and improve operations for staff. Here are a few ways luxury properties are using mobile to connect with residents and manage operations:

1. Concierge at Your Fingertips

Now your concierge can be even more helpful. Empower residents to track packages, request restaurant reservations, inform the concierge of an expected guest or request luggage assistance—all through the mobile app.

2. Amenity Booking

Let residents quickly browse and book property amenities with the touch of a button: a tennis court, the clubroom, the service elevator or even a spa treatment.

3. Live Video Feed

Through an in-app live view of on-site video cameras, let your residents see your property in real time: is their favorite spot open at the pool? Is there anybody using the gym? Is street parking available for their dinner party guests?

4. Manage Visitor Lists

Give residents the ability to manage a secure list of authorized guests and service providers through the app, informing the front desk of changes in real time.

5. Request Valet Parking Servies

Residents can request their vehicle or a guest’s vehicle with just a couple of taps and swipes.

6. Alerts About Package Arrival, Events and More

Send residents automatic alerts about the arrival of packages, resident happy hours, facility closures and more through text, email or push notifications.

7. Submit Work Orders

Gone are the days of calling maintenance to schedule a repair and waiting for a response. Let residents submit work orders for service or repairs directly through their smartphone.

Branded mobile apps can add value even BEFORE residents move in. Some app developers (like Phunware, of course) offer sales apps that staff can use to show prospects amenities, virtual unit tours and more through pictures or renderings. Rather than handing prospects the same old brochure that will inevitably get lost, staff can give them a link to the app. This works particularly well for properties that are just being built—future and prospective residents can access cameras with live views of construction and check floor plan availability. Sales apps like Phunware’s offer communications options as well, with the ability to send text messages and push notifications about availability and promotions.

Curious about how a mobile app can improve resident life, leasing/sales and operations at your property? Review our luxury residential solution and contact for more information.

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