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Week 3: Mobile Strategy—App Fundamentals

Lesson Summary

The Strategy phase of the mobile app lifecycle involves careful consideration of goals, timeline, budget, scope, stakeholders and decision-makers—including some specific questions that traditional marketers may not be familiar with. Whether you are building a new app or enhancing an existing one, you should revisit and refine your mobile app strategy often throughout the app lifecycle.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson, MBA candidates should understand the fundamental elements of developing a mobile app strategy and how the key points differ from traditional marketing strategy considerations.

Complete this Lesson
Mobile app strategy is a discipline that can be completed and "set in stone" for the rest of your mobile initiatives. True or False?

ANSWER: False.

Successful mobile marketers are continually revisited the Strategy phase of the mobile app lifecycle as technologies, consumers, and their business needs change.

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  • Avatar

    Great read, very informational.

    • Emily Reynolds
      Emily Reynolds

      Thanks, Erik! There are five more installments to go in this series, so keep coming back!

  • Avatar
    Melba Martinez PhD

    Wow, very clear and densely packed session on the constitutive elements that comprise the The Strategy. I was very impressed by the way in which the material provided me the essentialness of a mobile app and how the app must be viewed as a living and ongoing mechanism that has to be designed to generate and expand to stay viable, useful and critically necessary.

    • Emily Reynolds
      Emily Reynolds

      Thanks, Melba!

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