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Week 5: What You Need to Know to Launch a Mobile App

Lesson Summary

Launch, the third phase of the mobile app lifecycle, will be familiar in many ways to marketers who have successfully launched any product or campaign. Added to the traditional rounds of reviews, revisions and approvals, however, are the processes of submitting your app to the App Store and/or Google Play. Once your app has been approved, the work of promoting it and building an audience begins. Many traditional marketing techniques are helpful for building awareness in the Launch phase, but marketers would be wise to emphasize app store optimization (ASO) and performance marketing in their strategies.

Learning Objectives

This lesson will give traditional marketing professionals a basic overview of the launch-related information specific to mobile app marketing—including app store review and optimization as well as performance marketing.

    Complete this Lesson
    Which mobile app audience building tactic or marketing channel offers the greatest ROI potential?

    ANSWER: B.

    Performance marketing offers an ideal blend of precise targeting, cost-effectiveness and deep metrics that can be used to fine-tune campaigns over time to convert high LTV users for your app.

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