Content Management

Manage Mobile Apps via the Cloud

Manage content and configuration for your entire mobile portfolio in one spot with Phunware Content Management.

Update over the air, not the App Store

Manage your mobile application anywhere, anytime with minimal training or dedicated staff.

Everything in one spot

Edit and publish content across multiple platforms with a unified dashboard. Tailor each experience to what your users expect from their chosen device and operating system.

Get to market faster

Phunware CME integrates seamlessly into any project so you can configure your mobile applications in minutes, not days or weeks.

Build your business, not infrastructure

Create and manage your content and applications without worrying about infrastructure. Phunware is built to scale and support millions of mobile users.

User-friendly interface

Personal AWS S3 Bucket integration

Lightweight client SDKs

Content schema definition

File and content uploading

Team roles and management

Multiple platform support

Highly scalable solution

Key-value pairs

Integrated analytics

Content hosting and delivery

Remote application configuration

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SDK Download

Choose your desired platform to download the SDK or documentation.


Android SDK

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