Advanced Wayfinding Solutions for Seamless Indoor Navigation

Empower your visitors with intuitive turn-by-turn indoor routing directions. Mirror your physical space on your visitors’ phones, tablets, or desktops with Phunware’s Wayfinding Solutions.

Wayfinding Solutions Overview

Help visitors find their way around your facility with easy- to-follow indoor navigation and directions. Phunware’s wayfinding solution is easily accessible via mobile app or desktop browser. Users simply choose a start and end point, and the application generates turn-by-turn directions the user can use in real-time or to pre plan their trip.

Phunware’s indoor wayfinding is an affordable solution to navigation challenges in your facility and an easy way to enhance the on-site experience for guests, patients, visitors, and shoppers.

Deployment of your solution is fast and can be done in as little as two weeks. Update content anywhere, anytime, without extensive training or dedicated staff.

Indoor Wayfinding Solutions Features

Facility-wide routing and navigation between points of interest (POIs)

Dynamic search functionality

Multi-floor routing

Print functionality

Link sharing functionality with directions

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Wayfinding Solutions Unlock the Full Potential of Your Facility

Imagine a world where every visitor to your facility feels like a VIP, guided seamlessly from point A to point B. With Phunware’s Wayfinding Solutions, that world becomes a reality. Not just a navigation tool, but a comprehensive solution designed to elevate visitor engagement, streamline operations, and position your business at the forefront of technological innovation.

Benefits of Wayfinding Solutions

Phunware’s Wayfinding Solutions are more than directions—they’re a game-changer. With precise, intuitive navigation at their fingertips, your visitors’ satisfaction will soar and your facility will operate like a well-oiled machine. Don’t just keep up with the times—lead the way with Phunware.


Elevated Visitor Experience

No More Confusion, Just Satisfaction
Smooth, easy-to-follow directions lead to more than just physical locations—they lead to satisfied, stress-free visitors. Our wayfinding solution is designed to make every visit a pleasure.

Imagine a resort where no guest feels lost, or a hospital where patients and families can focus on health, not hallways. That’s the elevated experience your facility will offer.

Boosted Engagement

Drive Traffic Like Never Before
Direct people to your key property amenities like never before. Our Wayfinding Solutions not only show your guests everything your property has to offer intuitively on a map, it also gives your organization the opportunity to spotlight the amenities you want to push people to.

This means more traffic and upsells for you and better experiences for them—growing revenue and engagement at your property.


Decreased Staff Workload

Empower Your Staff and Your Visitors Alike
With our intuitive Wayfinding Solutions, visitors can independently navigate your facility, freeing your staff to focus on more critical, value-added activities.

Whether that means more time for patient care in a healthcare setting, or more personalized customer service in a hospitality environment, it’s a win-win for staff and visitors.

Industry Impact

Leading Transformation Across Sectors
From hospitals and shopping centers to airports and entertainment venues—wayfinding solutions are not just about navigation; they’re about setting a new standard. With Phunware, you become a leader in visitor experience, showcasing the future of integrated, tech-savvy spaces.

Your facility isn’t just a place; it becomes a cutting-edge experience, setting you apart from competitors in any industry.


Use Cases

Applicable for large venues across industries such as hospitals, shopping centers, airports and casinos.

Establish a self-serve desktop computer or tablet-based kiosk at important entrances to provide directions to visitors as they enter the building.

Add web wayfinding tools to the front desk or concierge staff arsenal for assisting visitors with routing queries.

How Our Wayfinding Solutions Work

Manage your web wayfinding maps, points of interest and more with Phunware’s intuitive web-based portal, where you can:

  • Customize your web app with your company’s logo, fonts and colors
  • Keep your maps and routes up-to-date with a map editor portal that allows you to make and publish updates quickly and easily for closures, construction, new location labels, etc.

Will generate a link to your web solution (the link can be part of your domain), which users can use to access the web wayfinding portal.

Platform Support

The following browsers have been tested for optimal performance. (The solution may be viewable in other browsers with slight interface differences.)

Version 66

Version 59

Version 11

Version 41

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Wayfinding Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Wayfinding Solutions?

Wayfinding Solutions are digital tools that provide turn-by-turn, indoor routing directions, enabling visitors to navigate through your facility effortlessly. This service is accessible via mobile applications and desktop browsers and is designed to enhance visitor experience and operational efficiency.

How does Phunware’s Wayfinding integrate with my existing systems?

Phunware’s LBS can be seamlessly integrated with your current infrastructure, access points, IOT hardware, CRM systems, databases, and other software through robust APIs and SDKs.

Is this solution accessible via mobile devices?

Yes, Phunware’s Wayfinding Solutions are available on all of our industry specific mobile applications and can be integrated into existing mobile apps, giving visitors the convenience of on-the-go navigation using their smartphones.

How customizable is the Wayfinding interface?

Our solution allows for extensive customization, including branding options, map designs, and personalized content, ensuring the interface aligns perfectly with your facility’s aesthetics and branding.

How will this solution impact my staff’s workload?

Phunware’s Wayfinding Solutions empower visitors to self-navigate, which significantly reduces the workload on your staff, freeing them for other essential duties.

How secure is the data collected through the Wayfinding Solutions?

We prioritize user privacy and data security. Our solution adheres to stringent security measures and complies with relevant industry standards to ensure the protection of user data.

How quickly can the Wayfinding Solution be deployed in my facility?

Deployment is fast and efficient, often complete in as little as two weeks, allowing you to quickly enhance the visitor experience in your facility.

What types of industries can benefit from Wayfinding Solutions?

Our wayfinding solution is versatile and beneficial across various sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, entertainment venues, smart workplaces, airports, transportation, and shopping centers.

What support and training options does Phunware provide for this service?

Phunware offers comprehensive technical support and training options, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the solution. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

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