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Fans, Fun and the Future

How custom mobile apps are transforming live events.

What’s the smartest way to up the entertainment factor at your venue?

These days, live events are far more than just watching a game or concert. People expect a seamless mix of physical and digital experiences across every screen—including the screens on their smartphones. With custom mobile apps, venues are finding new ways to create amazing fan experiences that extend from home to the venue and beyond. (PS: Those apps are also a great way to boost revenue.)

Phunware has created immersive applications for some of the top live event venues and productions in the world. This eBook outlines everything we’ve learned about venue apps, including best practices and the features fans want most.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Helping fans explore their options at the venue
  • Using location-based marketing to drive revenue in and outside your venue
  • Integrating streaming video and gamification for stronger fan engagement
  • Tracking and analyzing fan behavior and engagement to improve operations

Download the eBook here

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