Target Your Mobile Audience, Grow Your Impact

Reach and engage voters and policy makers with targeted mobile ads.

A New Way to Engage Voters

Phunware enables campaign managers to build and engage an audience of voters. Our solution brings together first-party mobile data and voter files to deliver targeted ads. For the first time, political campaign managers and organizations can use this data to engage voters on mobile devices by advertising on thousands of apps.

Smart Campaign Increase Participation

Smart campaign managers use the power of mobile to increase political participation. Targeting voters through text messages, social media and mobile advertising allows direct contact.


In 2016, one in five digital advertising dollars were spent on mobile.


In 2016, one in three registered voters said that mobile was the most important way to stay politically informed.

Create Awareness for Your Cause

Political organizations and advocacy groups can use our solution to build a targeted audience of policy makers. You can deliver mobile ads to your hyper-targeted audience, creating awareness and engagement around a policy issue.

Target Voters with Precise Audience Segmentation

Phunware combines the power of the leading national voter file database with our mobile data to enable accurate segmentation at the district, state or national level. Campaign managers and advocacy groups can use this data to build a precise, highly targeted audience. Whether you want to reach voters or policy makers, you can use our tools to segment your audience by interests, behavior and more.

Designated Market Audience Targeting

Reach voters in specific markets to increase awareness of upcoming elections and encourage voter turnout.

Geo-fence Location Targeting

Set up a geo-fence to precisely target voters at specific locations including campaign events, polling centers, and other points of interest.

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